• Epic Elegance

    Exotic Events

    EPIC ELEGANCE- March 15, 2014 – 21+ Dresscode Mandatory – Exclusive Play Party Experience. Be EPIC In A Small Party Atmosphere. 250 Person Max! Get A Full “AfterParty” Without The “Afterparty”

  • Encina Severa MessyHot

    Performer Info

    Whether international, national or local performance artists you can find out all the info on our current and past performers.
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  • Monarch Theatre - Phoenix AZ

    Where It’s At!

    Monarch Theatre (Phoenix) has a top-notch sound system, big stage, dedicated VIP entrance and is directly on the Phoenix LightRail. This new venue has brought new life into downtown.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

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Devious Minds Expands Exotic, Fetish & Kink Nightlife With Events You Crave

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    Devious Minds is assembling a world-class line up of exotic events! Be prepared for performances, vendors, local talent and music that you crave. We are going to bring what you want to hear, see, smell and taste for all our events.

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    Devious Minds welcomes all to participate in any kind of outrageous outfit or just going to the club. Whether it is “Rhinestone Cowboy” to “Pulp Fiction Gimp”, Sexy in a Spiked Collar to Flamboyant in a Boa we want YOU! Rubber, Vinyl, Latex, Leather, Metal, PVC, Fetish Formal, Sexy, Sleezy, Slutty, Corsets, Uniforms, Lingerie, Drag, Cyber, Sci-Fi, Antique & Vintage Formal, Gothic! Being extravagant is part of the experience. Express your inner desire through clothing. Let it loose just cover your bits & pieces!

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    Devious Minds welcomes you to participate in making the Arizona exotic community awesome! We offer a unique merging of high powered electronic music and kink life events.

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